How Peace Has Been Restored

to my brain at least.

If you’ve visited the Polk house in the past two+ years, you’ve seen this calendar hanging on our kitchen wall. If you’ve visited the Polk house in the past two+ months, you’ve probably noticed that it’s said February 2009 on it – a fact that hasn’t made me lose sleep yet, but has made me lose all sense of time organization for our family. Drives me crazy.


This calendar process was birthed out of an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY to visually see how we were spending our time. Some of our biggest fights were, “We’ve been over there three times in the past few weeks, and I’ve been telling x that we’ll have dinner with her for a month!” “Do you know how long it’s been since we went out – just the two of us?” “Yes, Kyle. I told you about that a month ago! You forget everything.”

It was a relatively simple process for us to implement The Polk Family Calendar. We both enter future dates on our Google Calendar and then I translate it to the wall calendar during the appropriate month. And, if all goes well, a few minutes of the last Sunday of each month is spent updating the wall calendar to reflect the appropriate dates. (Obviously THAT part of the process has gone un-attended to for some time. This is the exception and NOT the rule!) It’s all color-coded and I put everything — doctor’s appointments, date nights, small group nights (even though they’re the same every week), his band practices, church stuff, etc. And the colors help me to see whether we’re spending too much time doing “our own thing” and not having “together time” enough. Maybe it sounds lame, but … like this month, if there weren’t enough green on the calendar, we’d make some adjustments. 🙂

And in other Polk news, as you can tell if you’re nosy enough to look on the big version of the calendar, Kyle starts a new job this week. A new part-time job, but a new job nonetheless. He’ll be driving a cab for the Charleston Black Cab Company on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. We’re really looking forward to a little extra income to help us with some major purchases in the near future. (Pretty sure the old high school Saturn is gonna need replacing soon. And we’d love to pay cash instead of having to sign a car note. Debt = Lame!) And he’s excited about an opportunity to do something new for a while. Even if it’s just for the summer, it’ll be a break from the norm. And we’re excited.


4 responses to “How Peace Has Been Restored

  1. Wow! You are super organized. It would be so awesome to do a calendar like that with the neat side thing for notes. Any good reccomendations on buying calendars like that?

    • Ha! I am so NOT “super organized” that it’s not even funny. I’m Anal Retentive and good at faking it on some occasions, but … I have big dreams of super organization! 🙂

      The reason I settled on the calendar I chose is because it had plenty of space for writing a couple of different appointments on each day, a “notes” column to the side, and it is NOT magnetic. (I decided that I didn’t need something else to hold junk that I would have to clean off regularly.) I got mine from Staples. It was around $14-15. They have some that are more expensive that are “prettier” if that’s what you’re into. But I just needed mine to be functional and sturdy and not COMPLETELY ugly. (Function does not often win-out over Form in a purchase for our home, but we made a good exception in this case.)

  2. Awww, the blessed calendar! I live by ours!!! Glad you got your life back in order=)

  3. Great idea to have the colors show whether there’s enough together time! Also, I love that your date nights are blinkies. 🙂

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