Let’s Hear it for A/C!

We haven’t had to turn our on air conditioner this year until last week. And then when we tried to turn it on … no luck. We’ve had problems with it before and our good friend Chris has been able to get it up and running again. Not so this time. (Never that easy when you’re banking on it, is it?) We’ve been saving for a new unit, knowing it was going to be in our future … but “Surprise! We’re pregnant!” and all thoughts of air conditioning went out the window.

That is until the temperatures reached 88 degrees last week, and the inside of our house reached over 90. Yowza!

So he came over last night to take a look at it. And he said that the outlook for that machine was not bright. He could try, but the part that needed replacing was so expensive, it would really be better just to replace the whole unit — we’d need to do it soon enough anyway. So he helped us get a new unit (one that’s more energy efficient than its predecessor) through his work and now he and Kyle are working away to get it installed.

Isn’t it so nice to know “the right people”? We are so grateful for the provisions God makes for us, using the people He puts into our lives. Today is just another example of that.

Tonight, I will lay my head on The Cool Side of the Pillow — and it will actually be cool, if all goes as anticipated! And I will rest my fat, pregnant belly as happily as I ever have. And I will say a prayer of deep gratitude for God’s provision in our lives once again. He is so faithful!


5 responses to “Let’s Hear it for A/C!

  1. God bless Chris Mattingly and air conditioning! We had a bird stuck in our unit once.

  2. I love it when big issues work out so smoothly. God is good. Glad your AC is going to be better than ever.

  3. Chris Mattingly is the man…refrigerator issue last week – Mattingly fixes!

    • He’s good to have around, that’s for sure! The “update” is that he was at our house and he and Kyle were working hard until 1 AM! eesh!

  4. Oh my gosh, what a blessing A/C is! Our house didn’t come with it, so we had to wait till we could afford it, and we had a similar situation where it was hotter inside than outside. I love our A/C. Amen.

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