I had an appointment this morning. I got to hear the heartbeat again — it was sounding less like a throbbing blob and a lot more like a horse galloping this time. And I got to listen to it for a while, as it took the midwife a little bit of time to accurately measure the heart rate: 154.

I was not with my usual midwife, and her replacement was “just ok”. I felt like she didn’t give me enough time to ask my questions. And when I started to describe something once, she interrupted to answer “my question” before I was done. I had to say, “No… not exactly like that. Though I’ve experienced that too. What I’m actually talking about is … ”

In the past few days, my appetite has increased a LOT. And it showed up on the scales this time. The midwife, already on my “bad list” for not being the greatest listener, said, “You need to cut back on the cakes, cookies and pies and eat more fruits and vegetables.” Really?! I have been doing so well with eating lots of fresh vegetables and I snack on fruit almost constantly — to the point that one of my coworkers told me recently, “Your baby’s going to be born a strawberry, I think.” And just this morning before my appointment, while they were all eating brownies with their coffee, I ate blackberries and drank water. I don’t keep sweets in the house because Kyle doesn’t eat them. And I went through an I NEED ICE CREAM EVERY DAY phase early in my pregnancy, but that’s been gone for a while.

I post this with the complete understanding that I, hormonally challenged, would not have accepted, “You’ve put on a lot of weight recently” positively from anyone, no matter how they presented it. But when you jump from “You’ve put on a lot of weight recently” to “Stop eating cakes and pies” without asking me what I’m eating, it certainly doesn’t help.

But the most confusing part was when she said, “Women at your stage of pregnancy often hit a ‘surge’ of appetite increase, tiredness, and weight gain – just before your belly pops. She’s probably just going through a growth-spurt.”

Ergh. Anyway. So, needless to say, this wasn’t my favorite appointment so far! 🙂 But I did get another ultrasound scheduled. In two weeks, we’ll have a brief one, since they did not get a satisfactory picture of the heart at the last one. Maybe Iva will be a little more agreeable next time and do what they need her to do.

In other baby-related updates:

  • Kyle felt her kick for the first time on Sunday (at 21 weeks, 2 days). He’s been trying for several weeks, and his patience paid off.
  • Her movements have left the “fluttering” territory for the most part and come into “bumpin’ into abdominal organs”. I’m sure the discomfort will only increase, but at any point during the day, I can pinpoint the exact location of my bladder. Something I could probably have made a pretty accurate guess on prior to pregnancy, I now know with absolute certainty at all times.
  • We’ve registered at Babies R Us … for the most part. We still have several things to add and adjust. (Moms — help! What will I “need”?) We spent the better part of two hours picking out stuff in the store last Thursday evening. (www.tinyurl.com/ivalee — if you’re interested!)
  • You’ll notice, in looking at the registry, that we went a totally new direction on the bedding than my original idea. We went with something gender-neutral that can be used in the event that our next child is a boy. It looks like this:nurserybeddingUp close, it has little rabbits on it and it’s really cute. We both really like it. It will require that we repaint the room, but … Kyle works at a paint store. I’m thinking that won’t be a huge deal! 🙂

7 responses to “Update

  1. Tanya wasn’t there? She wasn’t there for my last appointment either. I hope she’s not leaving!

    My biggest weight gain so far was around where you’re at right now. Our GOOD midwife told me that’s totally normal. So you can tell the “bad” midwife to back off. 🙂 I’m glad I didn’t get her at my last visit! How rude.

  2. Oh my goodness….I would have lost it. I’m not sure if it would have been crying or yelling, but I’m sure it would have been one of them!

    I don’t care what the scale says, Rita. You look bea-ut-iful all the time! 🙂

  3. I CANNOT believe that your midwife said those things. A little TACT please!!! Sorry, it was such a sucky appointment. I’ve gained more weight at this point than with my other 2 but at this point I just don’t care. Besides I have about 15 more weeks and the last 4 weeks I hardly gained anything with the others so I figure I’m just fine=)

    Onto the other news…
    The new bedding is really cute. That was my main thing when we had our first baby. We wanted everything at least semi-neutral so we could use it over and over again. We’ve used the same pac-n-play for now all 3 babies. It has a basinet and changing table all in one. It works GREAT for small houses or when traveling, which, we have/do BOTH=) We never had a crib or high chair. We just opted for portable booster seat and pac-n-play. You’ll do great finding what works best for you!

  4. Holy crap, you’re already past 21 weeks! New Years Eve seems like only yesterday…

    And I don’t know if this helps but here are a couple of checklists I found for what people say you “need”…


  5. I would have been really mad. I am sorry that happened to you. Next time though I would totally yell at her…I’m sure she gets it from hormonal angry ladies who eat too many cakes and pies. LOL.

  6. when my mom was pregnant with my brother and i, a doctor told her that if she got any bigger that they would have to take her out in a wheelbarrow…how about that?

    on another note…wordpress seems to have increased the frequency and quality of your blogs…lol…just kidding:)

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