Wesley Again!



This is Jackson, the Big Brother. He likes to check on Wesley and when new people come over and hold him, Jackson’s never that far away. He doesn’t bark or bite or growl, just makes sure Wesley’s safe — from a very close distance.



IMG_0362I gave him that shirt! 🙂


IMG_0375And I gave him that one too! 🙂


4 responses to “Wesley Again!

  1. I LOVE the shirts you gave Wesley! And the picture of you holding Wesley makes you look so at ease. Good practice, right?

  2. And, not to mention, sweet photos of Wesley and Daddy, Wesley and Mommy, and Wesley and Jackson. Okay, I admit, I’m such a sucker for baby and dog photos!

  3. Yes! Nephews are great practice for future children! Or at least I hope so! I’ll have two to work with between now and then! 😀

    Don’t you just love that picture of Derek with Wesley? The look of a man smitten, right there!

  4. Nephews (and nieces) are the best. I inherited a whole bunch when my husband and I got married, and I agree they are wonderful practice. 🙂

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