The Nursery: Progress Update #1

My mom came over last night and helped me clean out the room that will be the nursery. It is currently my craft room/paper storage (for stationery design, which I still do quite frequently)/ JUNK room, apparently. So last night, we did a pretty thorough purge of all the stuff that was in drawers, under the bed, in the closet, on the shelves, and knick-knacky things that were just lying around.

I had to overcome, if only for the night, my tendency to attach value to junk. “This was my grandmother’s pin cushion.” “I might use this bag of polyfill and half-skein of cheap, Walmart yarn for something.” It’s ridiculous. I filled up several boxes with actual usable items that someone may find useful and desirable. I have TONS of crafting supplies that I just don’t have the space to keep, and if I crafted every day for a year, I still wouldn’t use them all. (Fabric scraps, quilting thread, embroidery floss, needles and pins, yarn, etc. etc. etc.) I will try to sell those things at a yard sale in the near future. Whatever does not sell, goes straight to Goodwill.

And there are two pieces of furniture in the room that need to be out of the room – a day bed and a dresser. We’ve just gotta find someone to sell them to. (Yes, I know. Craigslist. I’m on it.)

And now to the fun stuff: Nursery decorating.

Our crib was given to us. (Sweet!) And Kyle set it up several weeks ago. It’s beautiful.

(if that’s not exactly it, it’s pretty darn close.)

And I’m thinking that I want to leave the walls the same color. This is the only picture I can find of that room. It’s enough to give you an idea.


It’s kind of a robin’s egg / aqua blue. I really like it. And it’s a relatively new paint job. And I would like to bring in some bright pinks and yellows with the bedding / decor. But I’m having no luck finding what I’m looking for. (It’s probably because I don’t know what I’m looking for!)

My awesome and crafty aunts have told me that they could help me make stuff for the crib bedding. And I really like that option, because I like handmade over storebought any day! And I did find this collection of fabrics that I like. So … that’s an option to consider.

Progress is being made. The next few things I want to tackle are:

  • Sell the bed
  • Sell the dresser
  • Have a yard sale – anyone in the area interested?!?! (Edit: Saturday, May 2nd it is! Email me for more info.)
  • Check on the hardwoods under the carpet and maybe get rid of the carpet
  • Touch-up the paint / paint the ceiling / paint the closet
  • Purchase and install a closet organizer

Ok the more I think of it, the longer my list is getting. We still have a ways to go, but we’re moving in the right direction!!


7 responses to “The Nursery: Progress Update #1

  1. I’m up for a yardsale! We have some stuff that we need to get rid of too.

  2. Good job detaching! And that crib is beautiful. And I really love those fabrics. I know a Rita nursery will be amazing. Last but but not least: you know I’m up for a yardsale! I already have my stuff all boxed up and waiting. 🙂

  3. Wait, why is my comment accompanied by a pink booger wearing heels and bunny ears? That does not represent me at all, in that I have just removed the ears after Easter.

  4. Goodwill! What an awesome idea. I have all of this kinda crappy yarn I will never use and I had no idea what to do to get rid of it. *duh.*

    The color is really pretty and would be good for a girl, and maybe for another one later if that’s your plan. 🙂

  5. Man, you’ve been a busy woman! Doesn’t it feel AWESOME! Love the crib and I think the color of the walls are beautiful. You could do some really pretty stripy things with browns and pinks=)

  6. I really like that color. I painted some furniture I found on the street in Boston almost the same shade. It was very relaxing to look at. I remember being sad the day my daughter outgrew her crib and I took it to a baby store to sell it. I think she would laugh at me now if I told her that story. You sound very productive.

  7. Eliana’s room is all Amy Butler fabric that the grandmas helped sew. After 3 years I am still not tired of it and love walking past her room 🙂 The fabric store in Summerville carries Amy Butler. You can look in person, then buy online (much cheaper!).

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