Church Marketing

There’s this church between our house and Summerville. We pass it every Sunday and several times during the week. It always has THE WORST church signs. The kind that you read in the same way you would view a car-crash — with some degree of “I don’t wanna see this. Oh, gosh! I saw it!”

Some of you who have followed my blogs since about 2004 will remember that at Christmas in 2004, their sign said “If Merry Christmas offends you, then you are offensive to Christ”. Yeh. For real. :sigh:

Despite driving past it twice yesterday, I failed to notice what it said. But Kyle drove past it with Andrew and Matty as they were on their way home from Columbia yesterday.

Random Matty Fact:
He’s ordained. You know the online ordination thing? Yeh. He could marry you if you found yourself in a situation where that might be necessary and pastors or notaries are in short supply.

As they drove past The Church Sign yesterday, it said something about one’s inability to chill in hell – with the pastor’s name right under it, as though it were a quote. And Matty said, “Whoa! From one Rev. to another, don’t you know you attract more flies with honey?”

And that makes me laugh a lot. The end.


2 responses to “Church Marketing

  1. That’s pretty funny.

    BTW, figured I’d re-introduce myself… I know you from maybe two Xangas ago, but I have always kind of tried to keep up. 🙂 Now that I have a new WordPress, I figured I’d actually keep up with commenting again.

  2. my Xanga name was jenniferstovern. I shut it down because I didn’t want my whole name on the internet. If you don’t remember me, we can get to know each other.

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