The Amazing Race

This past weekend was The Amazing Race for Hope with the Journey Church. SUCH a fun time! Kyle and I teamed up with the Jernigans to make our 4-person team. There were 12 other teams “competing” for first place in a Race event that took a GREAT deal of planning and coordination. I mean to tell you, those Cinnamons mean it when they say “Go Big or Go Home!” They did an AWESOME job!!!

We all met up at the church on Saturday at 12:30, received instructions and our first clue and we were off for 24 hours of racing/pit-stopping madness!

Several of our tasks were lighthearted competition, but the majority of the event was about serving the area. We collected a LOT of boxes of food for the Lowcountry Food Bank, bought lunch for at least 25 random gas station employees in the area, sorted, tagged, and shelved over 2500 articles of clothing at the Lowcountry Orphan Relief Center, landscaped the lawn at Sangaree Intermediate School (some of us in the pouring rain), and gave out a BUNCH of bottles of water to unassuming pedestrians in downtown Charleston.

I have more pictures to upload, but this is all I’ve got for today. I was racing, so I didn’t have time to take pictures every step of the way.

Day 1:

IMG_2311Our team, all packed and ready to go!!


IMG_2322Kyle with our 2nd clue.

There’s a big gap of no uploaded pictures here, so I’ll fill you in on what happened.

The last clue of the day sent us to our Pit Stop location, where our team came in 4th for the day!! We were pleasantly surprised as my pessimistic teammates thought we’d be coming in 7th. (I guessed we would be 5th and they scoffed [yes, scoffed!] at me!) And Clay and Kyle deserve all the props in the world for setting up tents in the pouring rain. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to use them because “rain” is too gentle a term for what we were experiencing. “Monsoon” may be a tad strong, but … it was very close! Our tents flooded and the four of us ended up sleeping in cars — the Jerns in theirs, and us in the back of the Brownings van. (Sleep may be too strong a term for what actually occurred as well. That actually implies rest and whatnot. What actually happened was very far from that. Made for an interesting Day 2.)

Day 2 opened with us going to Isle of Palms (the beach) for our first task. We watched the sun come up on our drive down. It was very nice, actually, despite being completely exhausted. We finished a few other tasks and headed back to the campground for the final leg of the competition.

Then we had a worship service in one of their buildings.


IMG_2348The winners were announced – The Pretties! 🙂

And finished the weekend with a baptismal service in the Edisto River. (And yes. It was cold!)



IMG_2457All the CSU students who participated in the Race and/or attended the worship service

Going into this weekend, I really had no idea what to expect. But it exceeded all of my expectations, and I really feel like the impact of what we were able to accomplish will be felt for a while. In ourselves, and in the community.

One response to “The Amazing Race

  1. That sounds (and looks) fantastic. Kudos to those Cinnamon people.

    Kyle has a sweet little boy smile on that picture with clue #2. Maybe don’t tell him I said that.

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