An Assorted Update

  • I heard the heartbeat again this morning. At 154 beats per minute, my midwife said everything sounds perfect. And the best part is — we scheduled the appointment for the ultrasound!! On Tuesday, April 7 we find out if we’re having a “he” or a “she” — a Darby or an Iva! Can’t!! Wait!!
  • I was really nervous about this appointment for some reason. I had myself worked up, I guess. I don’t know why. Do the uncertainty and the nagging “What ifs” ever really go away?! I hope so.
  • Part of the anxiety about this morning is that I was involved in a very minor accident on Saturday. While sitting at a red light, a driver wasn’t paying attention and didn’t even make a move to slow down until his tires squealed about 10 feet behind me and he plowed right into me. (Kudos to the ol’ Saturn for toughing it out. She did lose two reflectors off the sides of the fender, but not a dent or a crack to be seen. Who needs a Hummer!?) Well because of the fact that it was SO MINOR that my seatbelt didn’t even catch/pull … and because of the fact that I was running LATE and didn’t have time to wait on a police report for a couple of missing reflectors … I thought, “Everything’s fine.” And only when people started asking me incredulously why I didn’t go to the hospital to get checked out did the idea occur to me that “maybe that’s what pregnant people do”. So I started questioning myself and the “wisdom” I exhibited in not getting checked out immediately. Therefore, the moments before the heartbeat came through this morning were a little tense for me, but once it did and I got the ‘everything sounds great’ from my midwife, I breathed a sigh of relief. Saved from my own stupidity! (Isn’t God good for that?!)
  • An Update on my sister. There was a lot of talk from last Thursday until yesterday afternoon about inducing her yesterday. So if you saw my “I’m going to be an aunt today” status on facebook yesterday … I wasn’t lying! That was the plan. But, as plans often do, hers has changed and she’s at home just waiting. The doctors are keeping a close watch on her blood pressure and platelet count. They’re not high/low enough to be of REAL concern yet, but just in the range that inspired her doctors to keep a close watch.As of Sunday night, her contractions were at 7 minutes apart and intensifying. (Sunday night, she was still able to talk through them, so they were nothing major. But Monday morning, she was hurting a good bit more.) She was dilated 2 cm on her own yesterday. And now she just waits on progress — fast or slow as that might be — at home. No induction — which is ultimately good but was disappointing for her to find out late yesterday afternoon after waiting hopefully all day.
  • This weekend is The Amazing Race. And, while I have no idea what to expect at all (the Cinnamons are really good secret-keepers, it seems), I’m really excited about the weekend!!

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