Looking Forward:

There are lots of things going on in my life these days. Lots of fun things to look forward to, and a brighter outlook on everything, enhanced by my new-found nonsickness. (Yes, that’s a word.) So today I will share a list.

Things I’m Looking Forward to:

  • My sister is going to have her baby in the next couple of weeks. So while we’re not planning to head down for the birth (head down… hahaha, unintended pun), there’s a good chance that a weekend in our very near future will involve a drive down to Georgia to meet the new addition. Very excited to meet little Wesley Malcolm!! (I’m holding out for a Friday the 13th baby! The next generation needs to be able to carry on the tradition my mom and I have started.)
  • Our friend Till is visiting from Germany!! He flies in this Friday and will spend several days — maybe a week — with us. Till was an exchange student who lived with Kyle and his family while we were all in high school. And we’ve all stayed in touch with him since then. He came and spent Thanksgiving with us in 2006, I think. (Was it that long ago!?!) And I learned on that trip that (a) he’s a REALLY good cook and (b) he really LIKES to cook! So I’m looking forward to his visit for very selfish reasons as well as just looking forward to the visit.
  • We’re planning to visit our good friends Alex & Jana in Atlanta next weekend. We haven’t seen them since just before they left for a year-long stint in London. And that was two years ago! So we’re very excited about seeing them. Plus they’re planting a church that’s doing some pretty crazy stuff in Atlanta. And we’re really excited to see what that’s all about.
  • Have I mentioned that Till is coming to my house? AND COOKING FOR ME!? I might get spoiled. (He made leek and bacon quiches last time … with homemade pastry and everything. SO GOOD! I’m hoping for a repeat.)
  • The Amazing Race. (Not the TV show, though it is somewhat “inspired”.) It’s a service project / fundraiser / camp-out / pretend to be homeless for a night weekend sponsored by the Journey Church. Kyle and I are on a team (probably the winning team, if I’m being honest) with the Jernigans. Not exactly sure what all will be happening, but you can bet there’ll be a photo-heavy recap at the beginning of April!
  • Sometime during April or May, my sister and I (and maybe Amy!?!? Ya wanna??) are going to spend a weekend with our aunts in Georgia so they can meet and spoil the new baby. And so we can rest and relax in a NORTH GEORGIA SPRING! How awesome will that be?! I love spring. And I love the mountains. So that combination works out well for me! Also … YARN SHOP!!

Also, I should mention that, besides all the exciting things coming up on the calendar, I’m happy to announce that it seems my energy has made a dramatic return. I went grocery shopping and brought home a pretty big haul yesterday — first time all year!! I cooked dinner and we entertained a few friends. I washed some dishes, and I had all intentions of doing laundry, but Kyle had band practice in the room that houses our laundry equipment. So … I sat and cuddled with the pups while watching The Bachelor (can you believe that guy!?!?) instead. But there’s always tonight.


3 responses to “Looking Forward:

  1. So glad you’ve already got your energy back!!! I’ve been way more motivated over the past week too. And I’m a little jealous, a visit with Alex and Jana. I’m anxious to hear all about the church. Tell them hey and give them a BIG HUG from us=)

  2. may I just ask what weekend you plan to come visit your beloved sister because just after you said one weekend would be a trip down here you filled up your weekends! lol maybe you should quit being so stinkin’ busy!!!

  3. I think the recipe for Thin Mints is on that site as well… 🙂

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