Quotable Polks 2

“You know the baby has ears now! So I wonder if he* can hear us talking.”
“Yeh, sometimes when I come to bed at night, I lean over and talk to him*.”
“Really? What do you tell him*?”
“I say, ‘Hey, baby! You hear that loud snoring? That’s not me. Just thought you should know.'”

*No, we do not know the sex of the baby yet and have no inclinations one way or the other, but “him” just sounds better than “it”!


6 responses to “Quotable Polks 2

  1. My book says they can hear around 14 or 15 weeks…so you’re almost there!

  2. The book I read said their brain connects to the ears at 18 weeks and they can start hearing your heartbeat then.

    Which just goes to prove my suspicion that people who write these books just make educated guesses! 🙂

  3. HAha! That’s hilarious=)
    My doctor told me 14-15 weeks too when I went yesterday. I agree though, it’s all very relative…

  4. Ha. Nice. 🙂

  5. IT is a SHE…I just know it!

  6. I know what you mean about the comments on Xanga – I used to get tons too. But if it makes you (us) feel better, I think Xanga has changed in general, and that great sense of community is quickly slipping away. But man, I miss those days! 😛 (even though I still prefer Blogger!)

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