In the Interest of Full Disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure and remembering this stage of pregnancy as well as possible, I will put this information on the record: Omigosh, it sucks.

I made the comment to my friend, Jenny, a couple of months ago that “I’d much rather be stomach-sick than cold/flu-sick.” My reasoning, at the time, was that a stomach bug will usually pass pretty quickly and with a cold/flu, you never know how long it’ll stick around.

This weekend, I ate those words. So, to Jenny: I changed my mind. Stomach-sick is the PITS!

I try to keep my outlook brightly on the END of the process rather than getting bogged down in the yuckies that can be quite consuming at times. But sometimes the “yuckies” become the I-Can’t-Get-Out-Of-Beds and the Constant-Pukies that take your whole weekend and flush it down the toilet.

Friday night, in a heap of end-of-the-week exhaustion, I laid in bed while Kyle entertained some friends of his. I stuck my head out of the room enough to be friendly, and they were very understanding.

At around 2:30 AM, I woke up, and very quickly realized that I wasn’t going to be able to “wait out” the feeling in my stomach. Something was coming up. (Full disclosure, remember?) And so it started at 2:30 AM and continued til about midnight the next night. Every single thing I put on my stomach came right back up. And I was SO THIRSTY, but couldn’t drink anything because it’d kick-off the gag reflex and … oh boy.

By 8 PM on Saturday, I was sitting in the bathroom floor rocking and crying like an insane person, begging Kyle to make it stop. “I don’t want to throw up anymore. I’m tired! This SUCKS!” (Not my finest moment, admittedly.)

Sunday morning was better. I was able to move around much more freely and was only sick twice (and not nearly as severely) and ate a lot more without being sick.

, my sister-in-law, shared some of her B6 vitamins with me. And I don’t know if that did the trick or if it was just that the “bug” had finally passed, but I spent the afternoon with my family and was mostly ok for the whole afternoon.

And this post is sure to start a round of “Have you tried … ?” recommendations. So, let me share this list of things I’ve already tried with you, so you know not to recommend them again! 🙂

  • Preggie Pops/Preggie Pop Drops – check
  • Crackers beside the bed – check
  • Eating small meals every two hours – check
  • Vitamin B6 – check
  • Ginger snaps – check
  • Ginger ale – check
  • Changing prenatals to Flintstones vitamins – check
  • Waiting for the end of first trimester while praying for relief from constant nausea – CHECK!!

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