Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been tagged. And, according to the rules on Tasha’s blog, I have to tell you six things that make me happy. And then I have to tag six people to tell me six things that make them happy and then tag six other people. Sounds like fun. Let’s get this started.

1. Quiet Friday nights at home with the hubby. When there’s nothing to do on Saturday morning but sleep in and we can do whatever we want to do at home on Friday nights, that’s a good time. Usually it means slummin’ around the house in our PJ’s, eating junk food for dinner, and watching a movie.

2. Autumn. It’s my favorite.

3. A clean, well-organized kitchen. Our kitchen and dining room are at the center of our house. And so when it’s messy, it affects the whole house. But when it’s clean and you can actually use the dining room table for its intended purpose, that’s nice.

4. My Journey Group. It’s true that it’s the best Journey group there is.* The girls in my group each bring something different to the table. And I learn things from them all the time.

5. The Family Calendar. It was established in our home out of a desperate cry (from me) for some organization in our lives. Kyle and I would run different directions every day and meet like ships passing in the night. So the dry erase board calendar was purchased and hung on the kitchen wall. Makes our lives so much better! Kyle agrees!

6. Weekends. Need I say more?

To Tag. Let’s see. How about Sarah, Mandi, Amy, Mendy, Cassie, & Page.

*(not based on actual scientific research)


One response to “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Found you from Tasha’s site. Love the farm pictures. Weekends are glorious aren’t they?

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