A Follow-Up Post

Hardly anyone who reads this blog will remember the post I’m “following-up” on, but that’s cool. In the spirit of “giving credit where it’s due”, I shall post anyway.

Background info:
Kyle and I have this comforter for our bed. It’s king-sized and very fluffy. Therefore, it does not fit into our washer and dryer, so in the past I have taken it to the drop-off service in town for an annual cleaning in the fall. Once, there were no problems. Once there were lots of problems. And I blogged (on my old blog that I shall not link to) about that very very bad experience. (The short of the story is that, even though I paid 66% more than the advertised price for laundering king-sized bedding, the ladies at the cleaners gave me hell about its size and how AWFUL it was to do their jobs clean my blanket. The consummate remark was, “Where did you get that blanket?” (it was a wedding gift) “Well I’d have given it back. I wouldn’t have that blanket. It’s awful!”)
So last year, I simply didn’t use the blanket. I left it folded up under the bed and just piled extra blankets on instead of pulling out “The Warm Blanket”. 
But this year, I decided that that is silly. It’s a nice blanket. And I want to use it. So I gathered my courage and took it to the cleaners. (And, yes, I realize how silly that sounds, but … it really was QUITE a bad experience.)
Having dropped it off a little later in the day that I usually have, she very politely informed me that it might not be ready before the end of the day, but that I should call back at 7. 
So I did. And the lady who answered the phone was SO nice! “Yes, ma’am, Mrs. Polk. I’m taking it out of the dryer right now!”
And when I showed up she kept saying over and over, “What a beautiful blanket! I love it! I bet it’s warm in the winter!” And I noticed that she’d written on my pick-up ticket, “Overcharged. Doris wrote this ticket for too much.”
And with that, my faith was restored in customer service laundry drop-off industry.

4 responses to “A Follow-Up Post

  1. Oh YAY! I’m glad you had a great follow up experience 😉 We have a big comforter that I took to the cleaner once, but I didn’t feel like they got it very clean. There were still dirty spots on it after I picked it up. But oh well, it’s still my favorite!

    Ps have I told you that I love your blog design/colors yet? So festive!

  2. I just scored two free king sized down comforters from work! They have to be dry cleaned, and some kind of duvet needs to be purchased, but they were FREE. good stuff.

  3. Yeh, free anything is awesome. Free items that would normally be “out of price range” and also “desirable” … even more awesomer.

  4. HOORAY for a better experience than last time!! Which, really, isn’t saying much, is it?

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