I sit in an interesting position on a weekly basis. I work for a pretty conservative church. I receive emails on a regular basis that are intended for the ministers, but are sent through the website. Which means that if you send them happy forwards through the website with no personal note attached, they probably don’t get them. Or if you’re a musician who wants to perform lead worship at that church, I listen to your music and decide if people will want to hear it before I pass along or delete your email. Or if you send political emails, I read them and delete them. Every one of them. Straight to the Trash Folder.

And this week, boy has there been an overload of those.

For months, we’ve been getting the “Don’t vote for the Muslim” emails. This week, it’s “Don’t vote for the terrorist.” Even a few that are, “Just please don’t vote for the black guy.”

And I get frustrated for more than one reason — but the main one is that they’re so full of obvious lies. Easily refuted lies. Anyone who wanted to know the truth could just as easily start up Internet Explorer and give it a Google! And these emails are coming from Christians, who just accept things without question – even things that sound utterly ridiculous to say.

Ultimately, I really DON’T CARE who you vote for. I don’t. Just don’t vote Republican ONLY because you hate Obama and think he’s a Muslim. And don’t vote Democrat ONLY just because you don’t like McCain and think he’s … I don’t know. Old.

Know the policies. Know the truth. And base your decision on that. And vote with the empowerment that comes from knowledge.

I have really enjoyed these websites as useful resources for finding out “the truth”.

Put Away Falsehood
Fact Check


If you’ve noticed my absence from the blogging scene lately, I apologize. I’ll be back with regularity soon, I hope! But it’s FALL!! (Even though it doesn’t feel like it all that much around Charleston.) So I’m spending most of my time praying for cooler weather and knitting.)


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  1. Thank you!

  2. Hey Rita! When you disappeared from Xanga, I figured I’d never find you online again. But then Page listed all her bloglines out, and then there you were! 🙂 Anyway, are you still knitting and crafting and such? I’ve gone nuts with it, and I left Xanga to start another blog too. Catch me at http://www.thimblythings.com.

  3. I’m definitely not voting for “that black guy.” And only because I’m a racist. Not really, though.

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