It’s Fall!

My most excellent friend, Jenny, gave me a bag FULL of apples last night. And an apple peeler/corer/slicer (that I MAY just “forget” to return to her). And tonight, I’m making applesauce! And this excites me a lot. More than it should because, really!? It’s just applesauce.

:sigh: I think I’m turning into my mother.


One response to “It’s Fall!

  1. hmm still haven’t seen that jar of apple butter yet. My grandmother, when she was down the last week or so she made me a jar of apple butter and it was soo delicious! So, i got my fix, but it was a small small jar and Jeremy ate it all pretty much =) yes, I blame him. sooo i guess you need to teach me. I wish I was a artistic crafty person such as yourself…boo

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