Weekend in Ellijay

My sister and I headed to Georgia this weekend and spent a couple of days with our aunts who live in Ellijay. Aunt Janice and Aunt Karen — my dad’s sisters — own Strings and Sticks Yarn Shoppe and this was my first time to see their store since it opened. (I posted about it here.) It was SUCH a nice weekend. Their house is in the mountains (MY FAVORITE!!) – and out of cell phone range, so it’s a good getaway place. (I’m sure the Aunts probably had that in mind when they moved there from busy Atlanta.)

a very dark picture taken inside a diner where we had lunch on Friday
Me & Aunt Janice — the older sisters

and another dark one of baby sisters Karen and Mendy

Mendy walking with Granny – we spent a couple of hours visiting with her on Friday.
Mendy is excited to be giving Granny her first great-grandchild.



IMG_8181 They had an activity at the center where Granny lives — making ice cream. She thought it was silly, so I shook the Zip-Loc bags for her and then she enjoyed ice cream.

Then we went to the yarn shop where we spent a lot of the rest of the weekend.
(More on that in my next post.)



IMG_8218 That may not mean much to most of you, but let me tell you — this yarn is the best I’ve put my hands on. Hands down. If I ever worked at a place like this, I would make no money. I would spend it all. Every bit of it.

IMG_8276 And in unrelated news, I finished this blanket yesterday.


One response to “Weekend in Ellijay

  1. You sound like me when I’m in a quilt shop or fabric store… It’s all so heavenly and beautiful and I want it all! Glad you had a good little trip!

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