John’s 29th Birthday

Yesterday was Kyle’s brother’s birthday. He turned 29 for the first time. His party was in true Southern style — half a bushel of boiled peanuts, a big front porch, and the company of many good friends. A lot of these people we met for the first time last night. And, in true JOHN style, a lot of these people, he met for the first time last week! 🙂 (John never meets a stranger. He inherited that trait from his mom.)

It was a good night. Recent goings-on have made us more mindful of the fact that we need to cherish these connections and celebrate each other when we have the opportunity.







Happy Birthday, John.


3 responses to “John’s 29th Birthday

  1. I hate I missed it…I had to work late!! WAHHHH! :o(

  2. Those are really good photos.

  3. Thanks, Andrew!

    And JANA!! It would’ve been awesome if you were there!! One day, we’re gonna see each other! 🙂

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