She is done!!

Kyle got this email today:

Good news my friend….She is done!! Sending her out today! I will send you pics right now. You are going to be blown away. She sounds amazing. Let me know when you get her and what you think….damn she looks amazing! – JC

So if you see my husband any time soon and you find a peculiarly large smile on his face, this is what that email is all about:

Kyle's New Drum

For his birthday this year, we ordered a new snare drum. And if you know Kyle, you know that this decision was not a quick one for him. No, he labored over the finish, the hardware, the wood type, the dimensions, and every conceivable detail on this drum — even a couple that he had specially added in. And if this picture is any indication, his toils were well worth it. And next time he plays his drums, it won’t be on a borrowed snare!


One response to “She is done!!

  1. Wow! What a special drum that he was able to custom make for him! How exciting! I don’t know a thing about drums, but this one looks beautiful šŸ™‚

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