Wilco in Charleston Recap

Blogging about concerts is so weird, because … I could type about how Jeff Tweedy got upset by a guy from the middle-back section who actually walked up to the stage and said, “Play louder! I paid $40 for these tickets and I can’t hear sh*t back there.” And you would say, “That’s strange”, but why would you care? (That guy got kicked out for being obnoxious shortly afterwards, I understand.)

I could recount the number of songs they played that were “on my list”, but if you’re not a fan, you wouldn’t care. (If you are, “Sunken Treasure”, “Heavy Metal Drummer”, and “Jesus, Etc.”. But “Walken”, “Hate It Here”, and “Kidsmoke” stole the show… even though the whole concert was pretty much phenomenal.)

But hey, here’s this youtube video (that I can’t embed) for you to enjoy in case you’re interested.



2 responses to “Wilco in Charleston Recap

  1. That is a good song.

  2. my good friend, ryansworth, and said it was amazing…he’s been waiting since feb for that show…as i’m sure you two have been. but honestly, wilco, wouldn’t have done it for me…but that opener bon iver…if only i’d known….

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