Vacation 2008

It came and it went. And it was enjoyable – almost every minute of it.

My friend, Karen, who was my college suitemate (bedmate?!) came for a visit. She had a pass to Wild Dunes, which is a supernice, private beach area just beyond Isle of Palms. It was fairly empty, very windy, and somewhat overcast. Except for the wind, a perfect beach day, if you ask me.





We left on Tuesday for Hilton Head. This was a surprise, last-minute trip. There was a cancellation at Will’s family’s condo and he offered it to us. SWEET! Our last REAL vacation was September 2004. It was our honeymoon. But the wait was worth it. We needed the getaway. It came at a perfect time.

Also, we made a trip through Hampton on the way so I could get my haircut. (Kyle’s mom. Hairdresser. Free haircut/color. Worth the trip.)

And this meant that on the way to Hilton Head, we went through Ridgeland:


where a Gretsch factory is.

When I was a kid, we used to go to Babyland General Hospital on our vacations to Helen, Georgia. My sister and I would take our Cabbage Patch dolls to see where they were “born”.
I think this was that kind of a moment for Kyle. Except he didn’t take his drums. And we couldn’t go in. He just saw a sign. And a building. With no windows. But hey!! Gretsch is on the side!!

Anyway. Later that afternoon, we ended up on Hilton Head Island, where we spent a very quiet, very relaxing, very full-of-sunscreen few days on the beach and at a really big pool.

There were four turtles in the pond. Thought you’d like to know that.

Also these old pictures were there. They made me laugh.


One response to “Vacation 2008

  1. Oooh, I have vacation envy! We’re like you – our last REAL vacation was… oh wait, we haven’t even had a honeymoon! Our only get-aways are trips to visit his family. Other than that, we haven’t gone anywhere! Great pictures, I love the beach shots! Looks like you had a well deserved, great time!

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