Watermelon Festival

We rolled into town on Friday evening around 8 PM. And it really was a pretty fantastic weekend.

full of everything deep-fried you could dream of, and a never-ending supply of lemonade

I tried so hard to get a decent picture of this particular room in this house. To me, it was the essence of Life in the South. While I do not always relish this “essence”, it’s easy to romanticize it for just a weekend.

Anyway. This is a picture of Kyle and James Moore, Sr. — father of Kyle’s good friend, James, who we haven’t seen in years.

The front porch. What is Southern life without it? Add a basket of boiled peanuts and a fountain of Mint Julep for extra doses of Southernness.

Later we ended up (in the A/C) at Model T’s. This lady was there. I’m pretty sure she captivates my idea of how excited people get about the Watermelon Festival.

Later, she fell asleep in the corner with a lit cigarette hanging out of her mouth.
We woke her up before she burned the building down.

And, once again in the A/C, we enjoyed the parade inside the pizzeria.
Yeh, Hampton has a pizzeria.

Let’s face it — this is what we really went to Hampton for.

Also, their dump truck got pimped out.

And then, there was a birthday party for this little lady, who turns TWO today!



And Joey. I hope I have a kid just like him one day. 🙂
“Hey!! There’s a real nekkid behind in there!”



And that’s all I have time for today. Because vacation starts on FRIDAY!!! And I have a lot to get done before I turn my brain off for a week or so!

One response to “Watermelon Festival

  1. sounds like fun…for some reason, i can’t see your pics from my work computer…frustrating huh?

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