Things I Hate, Part 2

(Part 1)

Another hate of mine? Misuse of the word “film” in discussing movies.

When you are a pretentious person, as my husband and I are prone to be, you often find yourself in the company of other pretentious people. And some of these people like to make themselves sound smart by using “cool” versions of words to describe things they’re discussing.

Case in point: Using the word “film” in place of the word “movie”.

Now, I can appreciate this tendency. I frequently use words to illustrate ideas and the only reason I chose that word is simply to make myself look smarter. (However, I always struggle with the word “aversion”. Would someone please use that word in a sentence successfully so that I can do so in the future without having to pause, mid-sentence to figure out how to complete my thought?)

The only problem with the word “film” is this:
In the American sense of the words, there is a big difference between a film and a movie.

For instance, when discussing Drillbit Taylor, one would certainly not use the word “film”. However, when discussing The Darjeeling Limited, feel free.

Actually, let’s discuss that one now. I love it.

And I feel I should post script this thought with this.
I have never heard the word “tender” more in my life than I do these days. And it’s typically followed by, “Ha! Remember how you hate that word?!” Indeed I do remember. But, even if you use the word tender — even if your heart is in the wrong place and you are doing it only out of spite — and even if you use the word “film” in your discussion of Napolean Dynamite … we can still be friends.


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