Recommended Reading

Typically I reserve “Recommended Reading” for books and not for blogs. (Much the same as I would reserve “films” for actual films and not movies. Similar concept.)

But Andrew’s post today is kinda like a book.
Sermony is the word he used, I believe.

I completely identified with this part:

Anymore, if I pray it is because I seek to strongarm God into conforming to my will. If I study Scripture, it is to prove my interpretation is correct. If I eat, it is in my car, on the run, as a necessity, not a holy act, not as thanksgiving and communion; eating has become equivalent to urinating or defecating — something I merely must do to satiate an urge and keep from dying. I’m just too busy to prepare a meal and enjoy it with God or with friends. I’m just too busy to be still and know God. I’m just too busy…

The entire post is definitely a worthwhile read. And I may heed his Recommended Reading (an actual book) once again — even though the last book he recommended ended up being used for toilet paper during a near-crisis at the Polk house.

Just kidding. (Or am I?) (Of course I am.)


One response to “Recommended Reading

  1. I’m so torn. My heart wants to do exactly as you say. My head says it’s ludicrous. And my head is the one who has to pay the bills.

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