Flower "Fiasco"

I don’t think a person could love flowers more than me. It’s an inherited trait – one that I got from my mom’s transferred DNA. Other, more practical ladies are overheard saying, “Don’t buy me flowers. They’re just going to die!” I assure you, you will never hear that statement come out of my mouth. I LOVE getting flowers. (And I’m going to continue typing this paragraph until my husband gets the message. Just kidding!)


And since this is a characteristic of my mom that we’ve all grown up knowing, Mendy and Derek decided a nice Mother’s Day gift would be some pretty flowers. So they ordered them online.


Surprise! Mendy had surgery and Momma went down to tend to her for a while and Momma’s flowers were delivered to our office while she was in Georgia with Mendy. Oops! So I got in touch with Mendy to tell her, “Hey! Thanks for the nice flowers.”

To make a potentially long story short, she’d called to delay the delivery and apparently the florist didn’t get the message. So they re-did the arrangement and delivered some new ones on Friday. And when Momma got home, she told me I could keep the old ones — those that were still alive.


Lilies are my favorite. (Though, for the benefit of my husband, I also like tulips and irises, and sunflowers are my super-favorite!) So, thanks again, Mendy! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

5 responses to “Flower "Fiasco"

  1. haha you are SO funny! Glad you enjoyed your mothers day gift! They really are beautiful.

  2. LOVE the pictures– especially the first one. Lovely.

    Also: Rita getting gifts for Mothers’ Day– hehehe. 😉

  3. cforcatharsis

    Wow. These pics are really stunning.

  4. Why, thank you! I am under no delusion that I’m a professional photographer. But I do have a great camera!! That helps, for sure!

  5. RYC: haha. actually, Craig found those stories. So maybe he’s getting the perverted sense of humor! :)But I enjoyed them too!

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