Feel the Burn

Friday was a great day off. Kyle had the day off too and we spent the afternoon propped up by the pool at our friend Katherine’s apartment. Slathered with SPF15, I managed to delay the inevitable First Burn of the Season. But only for 24 hours.

Working in the yard on Saturday morning turned into an all-day chore. (The weeds!! Where do they come from!? Do they ever stop?!) Stooped over for four hours in a tank top gave me quite a burn on my back. And it also left an interesting burn-pattern on my legs:

Sunburned Legs

Nice, eh? (I’ve been googling for a minute to figure out what the opposite of pigeon-toed is. Whatever that is, I am. My feet always point out to the side when I’m sitting or standing. That’s the reason for the half-and-half effect you see particularly on my left leg.)

But in good news, all the weeds are gone! Now I just have to deal with a few more days of the “owies”! 😦


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