This week in the life of Rita Polk has been a bit chaotic. I am a person who loves to at least think she’s in control of her stuff. The family calendar stays current. The house is never _too_ messy. The A/C filters are changed and the dogs are given their medicine on the same day each month so that I remember to do them both. (There’s a term for that: Anal Retentive. And yes, I am. Thank you very much.)

This week, Andrew moved out and our two new roommates moved in. (Did I say “Chaos”?) To their credit, they each kinda did their own thing with little help from us. So, in that sense, it hasn’t been a bad transition for any one. But my house? Oy, it has definitely seen better days. For some reason I felt like, with all this other stuff going on, this week would be the perfect time to start a “sort and purge” maneuver on my entire house.

All said and done, I have taken four large bags of clothes to Goodwill, and I dropped off a broken laundry sorter and a small bag of stuff at the recycling place on Monday afternoon. Big steps in returning my house to “order”. But there are several big steps left! (Like a bookshelf. I need one of those badly. But where to put it? Ah! I don’ t know!)

But the point of this post is this:

  1. New Roommates! Yay!
  2. My house is going to be clean soon! And, like I always say, it’ll stay that way this time!

2 responses to “CHAOS!

  1. i need a bookshelf too! But I don’t have anywhere to put it, either. And the house won’t stay clean. I think it’s one of Newton’s laws. What’s clean must get dirty.

  2. I will not hear that law. I will defy it… like I did last time I gave it a thorough cleaning.

    Wait … argh!

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