Harper #1

Yes, I have to call them by their numbers now. No thanks to Clay and Erin* who also named their little boy Harper — affectionately called Harper #2.









and Scout, fierce protector of Harper and the rest of the Langleys

*No bitterness! Harper is a great name!

4 responses to “Harper #1

  1. she’s so cute!

    that second picture makes her hands look really big. 🙂

  2. Her fingers are unreasonably long!! So even though the angle doesn’t do much for them, the picture is actually pretty accurate! 🙂 (I mean, look at those toes! With toes that long, you know her fingers are pretty long too.)

  3. Wow. It’s always really really weird to see an old friend have a baby. Even a cute one like Harper #1.

  4. Ack! So cute! I just want to nibble on those little toes!

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