Explosions in the Sky

Our friends Andrew and Emily and Zach were in town this weekend. I guess the main reason would have to be that they came to see the American Played Music & Lyrics of Whiskey and Perfume. (So much retardedness that we narrowly missed at the Map Room on Friday night! But believe you me, mullets of that caliber do not come without years of grooming. My hat’s off to these guys. Plus they also have that “Butt” song.)

In reality, we all had tickets to see Explosions in the Sky on Saturday night and that was the “big event” of the weekend.

So here are some pictures … and a link to the rest of the pictures so Andrew can get the ones he wants.

I typically try to reserve judgment on live music until I’ve gotten a good enough taste of it to make a sound judgment. Their opening act was not good! In fact, he was terrible. NOT the kind of music you want to listen to live … or at all really!

But their music, on the other hand … exquisite! And worth the wait!




2 responses to “Explosions in the Sky

  1. Danke.

    “I’ve seen ’em skinny and I’ve seen ’em fat…”

  2. you didn’t put any photos of the rest of us?! 😦 -em

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