Move for a Change

This week, the Village Tavern is hosting “Move for a Change”. As a fundraiser, this probably needs a little more organization, but … the idea is a good starting point. Local act, Leslie, is headlining every night this week – and each night they’re featuring other local acts as their openers. Each show is all ages and no cover charge. Their method to raise funds is to sell raffle tickets for items like gift cards to restaurants and Urban Outfitters, and also … $3 Killians, $1 of which goes to the Charity du Jour. Last night’s was the Ronald McDonald House.

Kyle and I got out there last night to see All Get Out — a combination of Mel Washington and a guy whose name I don’t recall, but who used to perform with The Explorers Club, but I’m assuming he doesn’t anymore since he’s not in any of the SXSW pictures on their blog.

And also some small band called The Working Title. (Just kidding. They’re kind of a big deal.)

And, of course, the camera was at the ready for most of the night. But unfortunately the tripod was not. And so what came of an evening’s worth of photos were lots of fuzziness … but oh well. Here are some of the better ones.

All Get Out:


please look at the drummer in this picture.
his emo heart is bleeding all over the bass drum.
can you say melodrama?

The Working Title:












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