Harper Wren is Here!


This is my best friend, Anna. We met at church two days after my family moved to South Carolina in 1994. She was the only person who talked to me. And she even called me the next morning — at 7 AM on Christmas break, but she called just the same and we spent the day in downtown Charleston. And we bought ridiculous matching Jamaican hats. And, I guess you could say that the road was paved on that day for the best friendship of my life.

Not that our friendship was without its typical teenage turbulence at times… like the time I called myself her “preppy ex-best friend”. Ah. Those were the good old days.

We did everything together throughout high school. It was a rare occasion that you’d find her involved in something and not see me right there with her — and vice versa. Up until the time we chose colleges, which was a tad disappointing since we figured out pretty quickly that we weren’t going to the same school.

During our freshman year at college, I heard this guy sing and thought, “Anna has got to meet this guy!” They met a month after college graduation and were married a year later. And while she had her hand in my engagement, I like to say I was scheming for hers long before her evil plan ever rooted in her brain. (Yes, the “I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore” was her idea. Evil woman.)

So I beat her down the aisle by a few months, but she beat me to the Labor & Delivery — hopefully by more than a few months! 🙂

I stole most of these pictures off of Adam’s facebook. But the last one was texted to me last night. Enjoy!

New Dad

JJ, Susan, Harper, Adam

Harper, Anna, Adam

Harper Wren Langley
born: April 2, 2008 at 3:25 PM
7 lbs. 9 oz. | 20″ long


4 responses to “Harper Wren is Here!

  1. She’s gorgeous!


    Sara Beth :):)

  3. i remember anna! back in the good ol’ ps150 (vs2) days. wow. that was 10 years ago. awesome…

    anyway, that is so awesome! congrats to her and her husband! huzzah!

  4. Those famous words on the cake are never truer than they are on the day you bust out.

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