SPLAT, explained

I am a fan of blog-reading. At some point in the last couple of weeks, I stumbled across the blog for this guy who is a worship leader at a church in Buckhead, Georgia. His blog, I have come to recognize, is more of a “community-reading and commenting experience” than most that I read, and I’ve been sucked in.

In a recent blog called “Splat Your Tat”, he asked all his readers to send in pictures of their tattoos and he would post pictures. Well I think he got more than he bargained for. 81 tattoos. So he posted pictures and asked us to link from his site to a place where we could explain our tattoos.

And since they were posted on Friday, I’m just now getting around to it.

And this may be boring to you, but … skip it if you want to.


I used to tell Kyle that if I got a tattoo, it would be on top of my foot and I would probably like to get an orchid. This started the summer after we were married. Two years later, in March of ’07 we were planning a mid-week “mini-vacation” to Atlanta for a concert and to hang out with some friends. Kyle called “his” tattoo artist and asked for a recommendation. Hands down, Jay recommended Demian at Liberty Tattoo. So we called him up, met with him on Wednesday morning, and, by Wednesday afternoon, I had a tattoo.

Word of warning: These are links to tattoo sites. I make no claim stating that the images in these links are appropriate for all ages.


Q: Didn’t that hurt?
A: Yes. Absolutely. And it was swollen and difficult to walk on for at least 2 weeks.

Q: How long did it take?
A: Just under 2 hours, I believe.

Q: Why an orchid?
A: Because I like them.

Q: Why on your foot?
A: Because that’s where I wanted it.

Q: You work at a church, right? Is this a problem?
A: No one’s made me “take it off” yet, so I’m guessing not. The closest to a “complaint” I’ve ever heard were these ladies who came into my office and I had to show them something in the sanctuary. One said to me as we were walking down the hall, “Boy, times are changing when the secretary of a Southern Baptist Church walks around with her tattoo hanging out.” I laughed.

Is this enough information? I hope so. :shrugs:


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