Baby Blanket

I tried very hard to finish this project before the baby shower last weekend, but it just wasn’t happening. Between making plans for the baby shower, and finishing up a big wedding invitation project I had going on, there just wasn’t time. So I finished it up last night.


I’m not a professional knitter by any means at all, but I was very proud of how this turned out. (And I’m not feigning humility here. I literally know one stitch. And while I’ve pretty much got that one down, it’s probably time to learn something new!)

The specs: The yarn is Berroco Comfort in seedling and purple. I used two strands all the way through and followed a dishcloth baby afghan pattern. (not that exact one, but it’s similar). I used a random stripe generator to come up with the stripe pattern. The finished product is 23″ x 26″.


3 responses to “Baby Blanket

  1. That “one stitch” is very nicely done! Great work. And thanks for the random pattern generator link– that is fun!

  2. I like it. If I was a baby, I’m sure I’d enjoy sleeping with it.

  3. Thanks, Eric! That’s my hope!

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