Valentine’s Date

Somehow when I went to blog a few pictures from Valentine’s Day, this is the only one that I had uploaded. Oh well. The rest didn’t do it justice. Let me just tell you how terrific my Valentine’s Day was!

Valentine's Date

First off, I had to run errands in Charleston all afternoon, trying to finish up a wedding invitation project. So, after a quick trip to the grocery store, I was more than a little haggard when I got home. It was a terrific surprise when I walked in the door and the living room and kitchen were SPOTLESS!! “Clean” doesn’t do it justice. The kitchen may not have been this clean since we moved in! And on top of that, the table was set, candles were in place, music was playing, and Kyle and Andrew were waiting for the groceries so they could prepare dinner.

April came over and a little while later, the four of us enjoyed a great meal together. The boys made this excellent soup and fettuccine alfredo. And Andrew made those chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. (Technically I think they were for April, but he let me have a couple too!) (Also of note: did you see that cute heart he drew on one of them?!)


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