The Post-Holiday Update

This holiday season went by entirely too quickly. In list format, here’s what all happened that I didn’t blog about:

  • Andrew moved in at the beginning of December. So now we have a roommate.
  • We participated in the First (Annual?) Charleston Unsilent Night. It was fun. The music was interesting to me, enjoyable to my husband. We bowed out early, as we passed the Mellow Mushroom, where we were to meet our dinner companions.
  • I was able to see The Santaland Diaries (for free!) at the American Theater downtown. I love David Sedaris and this play “read” exactly like his books. It was pretty hilarious. But, like his books, had a few moments where your mouth falls open and after the lights dim, you sit back and all you can say is, “Wow. He’s got that right.” (I should also mention the part was played near-perfectly by Matthew Bivins, of Jump, Little Children fame.)
  • My office was closed for two weeks, wherein the entire place was remodeled: new carpet, new paint, and an office that is all mine and no longer shared with a coworker as it has been for the four years I’ve been at this job. I don’t know what to do with all this space, but I’m sure I’ll adjust.
  • Kyle and I catered my office Christmas party again this year. It went very well. Kyle is an excellent cook, and I think we’re finally figuring out our roles in this catering thing. We work well together.
  • Puppy deliveries: They’ve all been made. We do have one puppy left at our house, but Bill & Julia are coming over to adopt him tonight. (I meant think about adopting him, but let’s be realistic … they’re taking that baby home with them.)

  • Some of the puppies were bought as Christmas presents, so we did a little late-night delivering on Christmas Eve. One was picked up from my office on Friday. One was picked up from Kyle’s mom’s house while we were visiting her for Christmas. And we dropped two off on our way home from Hampton. We’ve heard back from almost all the puppies’ new families and it seems everyone is doing well. They each have a good home. Now it’s time for a little snip-snip so we don’t have to deal with this again!! 🙂
  • Christmas. We had a nice one with both of our families — and together. That’s enough about that.

I think that just about catches us up through the New Year’s Party. So let me go upload some photos and I’ll get on that post. 🙂


One response to “The Post-Holiday Update

  1. Holy moly, you’ve been busy!

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