Moving Out!

They named her Cocoa. She gets along with her big “sister” Sandy (a 12-week old beagle puppy) very well. She left our house on Saturday morning – the first of the puppies to “move out”.

Tonight, the rest get shots! Should be a fun night. And then Turk and the as-yet-unnamed-Twin “move out” too. We’ll be down to four until Christmas, when we behave like Santa Claus and do three deliveries. 😀

We still have one who is unclaimed. And some very VERY dirty carpet.


One response to “Moving Out!

  1. Rita – I love your blog! I have two chocolate beagles (and a retriever who thinks she is a beagle). Turk is so cute! Let me know if things don’t work out with his new owner, k?

    We have a lot in common (other than the beagle love). My husband is in the military too (he is currently deployed – can you guess why I am awake at 4am?). You should email me if you get a chance. I can send you pics of my pups and answer your ponderings about why blood tastes like pennies (copper!).

    I really enjoyed the pics of your babies. So cute!

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