The stats:

All seven puppies and their momma took a trip to the vet yesterday. They were doted on by nearly every vet and tech at the facility. There are 6 boys and 1 girl, all weighing in between .2 lbs and .4 lbs — one was so light that it hardly even registered on the scale.

They’re all eating very well and mostly at their own initiating. There’s one puppy who we have to wake up and remind that he’s hungry, but he’s figuring it out. We just pick him up and put him in the right place and he figures it out from there.

Rosie is a very good mommy! Even the doctors said so. She’s very attentive and has had no problem feeding or cleaning the pups. The only thing we can’t figure out is how she sits on her puppies so often … apparently, without even knowing it! We’ll hear the poor things start squealing and know “Rosie must’ve repositioned herself again.”

We’re having fun with the puppies. They have really required little maintenance as far as feedings and things. They pretty much take care of their own stuff — which has been nice! Can you imagine if I’d have had to bottle-feed seven puppies every two hours?! I still check on them every few hours or so through the day and night, but Rosie does a good job of taking care of them so I don’t have to.

Everybody checked out ok at the vet yesterday. They start their vaccinations and preventative worm-treatments the next few weeks. So we’ll have seven healthy puppies for seven lucky families this Christmas!

That is, if I win the “argument”. Kyle wants to keep one. Three beagles?!?!


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