Current Goings-On

  • Rosie is pregnant. (You probably caught on to that already.) She is currently on her 66th day. Dogs typically give birth on or around the 63rd day. Our vet friend is coming over to check the situation tonight to make sure all is as it should be.
  • Kyle’s having some oral surgery done on Thursday. Really, he’s just having his wisdom teeth removed, so it’s not “that” big of a deal, I suppose. I’ll let you know after Thursday.
  • Kyle’s mom is coming to town this weekend to tend to her son following his surgery. This is a welcome relief for me. Besides just getting a chance for an extended visit with her, I am glad she wanted to be able to come help out. There’s a lot going on here these days, and I welcome any person who wants to take something off my plate. Plus, I have a difficult time cooking for Kyle. She’s his mom. She doesn’t.

2 responses to “Current Goings-On

  1. It’s amazing…I’m experiencing all of the same things. My dog is pregnant, I’m having my wisdom teeth pulled, and my mother is coming to town. Or is she?

  2. “Or is she” on this end too! đŸ™‚ Fun times. Maybe we’re leading the same life in different states.

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