rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

First, I must say that that blog post yesterday was less a criticism for those who read as for those who write … me! I haven’t written anything of any consequence in a long time.

I think I’ve put it off for so long that I feel like I should have LOADS to say. I probably don’t, but I’ll give it a go.

Here’s the official update:

  • The Journey Church is off and running. The past few weeks have seen us starting small groups (of which mine is the best, if I’m being perfectly honest), changing to a more suitable location, and actually having our first service. It was pretty amazing. I don’t know what the exact count was, but, lots. And … I don’t know if this bears repeating, but … we love this church!
  • I designed some signs for the church. This is what one of them looks like:

    There are others, but … I really don’t feel like uploading them, so … use your imagination! 🙂

  • I was a photographer’s assistant for a little league soccer photo shoot at the YMCA in Summerville last weekend. I have never seen so many soccer-playin’ youngins in my life! Seriously! There were SO MANY PEOPLE out there!! I’ve come to believe that Summerville is the origination and the sustaining power for the term “soccer mom”.
  • The theme of my life these days is ‘busyness’, I think. But the healthy kind of busyness. I’m learning a lot, have plenty of time for reflection and self-evaluation, have been trying to build some new relationships and re-kindle some old ones, have never had more time with Kyle than I have these days, and … life is just feeling pretty good right now. I’m glad.

It seems like the fall always brings a season of busyness with it as we hurry towards the holidays. But this is easily my favorite time of year. I welcome the cooling temperatures, the fading light, Thanksgiving, an annual October trip to the mountains, long sleeves, rival football games, coughmy birthdaycough, time with family and close friends, and all the fun things that come with the last quarter of the year.


One response to “rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

  1. I like the logo for the church – you are so good at that stuff.

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