I love the feeling when the sun is shining but you think, “Hmm … I could probably use some long sleeves!” It’s my favorite. So I’m really grateful for this week’s relief from the heat. And while I’ve resigned myself to the fact that cooler temperatures are not yet here to stay, I’m enjoying it while I can.

And besides the actual season change we’re all observing, Kyle and I are entering a pretty “busy” season of life, it seems. And while “busy” is pretty much the only word for it, it’s a very satisfying sort of busy. The kind that feels productive and not just time-consuming. And I’m amazed at how that’s affecting a lot of things in a very positive way. Life is looking pretty good right now.


One response to “Seasons

  1. Hey Rita! Glad to hear that you and Kyle are in such a good “season.” I’m loving the cooler temps too. Don’t think they’re going to last, but I’ll take them while I can get them. Did your sister and her new husband go on a honeymoon? Are they living in the same town as you guys?

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