Osama, Obama, and Yo Momma

I am not a fan of the easy joke. I do not appreciate comedians like Larry the Cable Guy (et. al) whose brand of humor is dependent on the simple-mind of the “consumer”. Perhaps it’s just that I’m pretentious, but more than that I, personally, have a bad habit of cracking the easy joke every time opportunity affords itself. I’m only just learning to reel them in. To bite my tongue when necessary. (My husband notes this quite often. He’ll pause and then say, “Good restraint! I saw that one coming!”)

ANYONE can crack the easy joke! Why should some overpaid, chubby man with a cut-off flannel shirt make money cracking jokes that I crack at home!?

I digress.

I heard an easy joke recently. In a group of church ladies. I only heard the punchline, which was something to the effect of “I’m only afraid of three things: Osama, Obama, and Yo Momma”. (Later, someone explained to me that, as the joke goes, this comment was being made to Chelsea Clinton.)

Not only is this joke just generally a bad joke, it’s the easy joke. Who, when they first heard Barrack Obama’s name, didn’t think, “Hm. That’s an unfortunate rhyme”? But what devout Republican person decided, “Oh yeh. I’m going there. This’ll be the best joke ever!”

The point of this post is to say that if you’ve heard this joke, you can appreciate it’s badness.

But if you’ve TOLD this joke … STOP! Stop right now!! It is NOT funny.

The end.

*This post is not a statement about my presidential preference or political persuasion. It is simply in response to the badness of this joke.


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