My Blogging Apology

I used to blog every day. Sometimes twice a day. (Not at this blog. At my old one.) Things would pop into my head and I’d come up with a creative way to write it up and then post for the world to read.

So when I sit down to my keyboard these days, I have a hard time coming up with anything to write. Is it that my life is less interesting now? No. I would say quite the opposite. Life is very interesting for us these days. But how many times can you type “My church rocks!” and “my sister and brother are getting married this summer … and no, not to each other” without it getting old?

Do you really want to hear that last night, I made and froze a batch of spinach balls and pecan tarts for Mendy’s wedding reception? Do you want to know that the night before was spent figuring out how to take lilac satin and a hand-knit pillow and make it look like a ringbearer’s pillow – all official and wedding-y? That my every waking minute is filled with thoughts of “Must get to work on those programs!” and “Man, am I glad I outsourced the design work on Andrew and Jeannette’s wedding invitations!” (By the way, if you’re reading this… Matt Tolbert rocks. Your invitations are going to be awesome!!)

Life is very busy right now. And if you’re reading this and get bored, know that this busyness will all culminate in a big post of wedding pictures on Monday, August 6 and then at least half of my brain will return to normal until Monday, September 10 … when life shall resume regular speed.


2 responses to “My Blogging Apology

  1. Completely understandable. My dearth of recent posts has been because my life has been _so_ full of interesting and complicated things. But I don’t have time to write them out and certainly not for the world to see. It makes me wonder whether it’s time to finally take my last bow…

  2. I hope everything goes well with your siblings’ weddings! And I’m glad that they aren’t marrying each other. I kinda wondered since you’re from South Carolina and all. j/k ha! ha!

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