Wilco Live

There are a few other pictures in my picasa album.

Last night was:

  • Late
  • Fun
  • Far Away
  • Amazing
  • Worth the drive (and the 2 AM car-sickness!)
Ever since Sunken Treasure came out, I have told Kyle I-don’t-know-how-many times that hearing Jeff Tweedy play an intimate, solo show like that would be like heaven. I was right. I got a taste of it when the opened with this:

Highlights of the show:

  • On & On… I didn’t really expect to hear this one. It was awesome.
  • Nels’ crazy feet! He was having a good time last night!
  • About halfway through the show, Jeff said, “You two! Right in front of me! Would you please just get a room? What you’re doing is bordering on indecent. I thought it would last through one song, like “your song” or whatever. But it’s been every song! (something inaudible to band) We’re gonna play another song. (to couple) Want us to play some more slow jams for you?” Hilarious. Apparently they cooled it off because after the next song he said, “Is he gone? Did I run him off? You didn’t even know that guy, did you?”
  • Kidsmoke ROCKED!!
  • Getting to see our friend Ben get his face rocked off by Wilco Live for the first time! He was having a great time!
  • Being in the same room with Jeff Tweedy.
  • … and his guitar
  • … while he sang

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