Oh, how I love Journey Church!

Last week, we started experiencing some trouble with our air conditioner. I called the A/C repairman. He told us to turn the unit off, that it sounded like we were having some major trouble. And he came by and checked it out on Saturday morning. The report I got from him as I was driving back into town on Sunday afternoon was that we needed to replace the unit. The compressor was about to “throw a rod”, the freon lines were leaking and needed welding, and it was more work than was necessary on an old machine.

This was bad news. As you remember, we are in the market for a car. The reason is because the week before last, Kyle’s Blazer went kaput.

In the meantime, while I was out of town, Kyle told Clay we were having some A/C difficulties. Clay told Chris Mattingly and Chris called Kyle and said, “I’m coming over to fix your A/C. When’s good for you?” Since we didn’t exactly know what was wrong with it, Kyle told him we hadn’t heard back from the repairman, but we would talk with him at church that night to let him know what we found out.

So after talking with the repairman, I cried a little, and then just sucked it up. And because I could feel the tears ever-present in the backs of my eyes on Sunday night at church, I was probably not my usual self.

And after church, when I started to tell Chris what the repairman had said, I started to cry. Immediately, everyone started to comfort me. Like we were old friends or something. I looked around and some of the people had tears in their eyes – crying with me. And Chris said, “I’d still like to take a look at it, if that’s ok.”

So he and Jenny followed us home. And after a couple of hours, the A/C was up and running again. Still, I was skeptical. I didn’t really believe it had been fixed until I got home from work last night, and the thermostat read 72 degrees! Right where it should be! And when we tried to discuss payment, he wouldn’t hear of it. I know people do this kind of thing fairly often – helping people out who are their friends. But honestly, we’ve known this guy for a month, and he treated us like family.

And what’s more?! Handyman Chris thinks that he can fix the Blazer. He’s coming over one night this week to have a look at it.

Maybe I’m getting a clearer picture of what The Church is supposed to be because right now they’re being that to me. And in the future, we’ll do this for the community … together.

But for right now, I’m going to just be grateful. They’ve given us such a great gift. And I’m not just talking about air conditioning.


One response to “Oh, how I love Journey Church!

  1. Beautiful.

    Thank you.

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