My Weekend By The Numbers

Days off: 4
Relaxing days off: 3

Hours sleeping in: 0
Flights of stairs to The Apartment: 3
Trips up and down those flights of stairs when moving Mendy out / Katherine in on Friday: 12
Trips with heavy/large boxes involved: 9
Hours spent packing / cleaning / moving stuff: 4
People helping: 8 moving out /9 moving in

Hours sleeping in: 3
Hours cleaning the house: 2
Hours being lazy: numerous

Hours sleeping in: 2 for me / 6 (SIX!) for Kyle!
Hours doing a whole lotta nuthin’: 3
People at the Journey Church Memorial Day Cookout: 26
Number too many Shreks: 2

Hours sleeping in: 1.5
Times I was thankful for an extra day off: numerous
Bike rides: 2
Minutes spent “feeding” the struggling gardenias: 15
Laps swam around the pool at Leslie / Katherine’s Apartment: 7
Applications of sunscreen to ward off the inevitable First Sunburn 2007: 2
Times I checked the gardenias to see if they looked healthier: 3,235,231
Times I could actually tell a difference: 0
Good conversations with husband over dinner: 1

Hours sleeping in: 1 – Oops!


One response to “My Weekend By The Numbers

  1. very impressed by your numerical skills

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