10 Days and Counting …

… until Danielle leaves for Africa!

Danielle has been a friend of mine for several years now. She is from Moncks Corner, which is how we met.

My First Danielle Memory: When we were in middle school, she showed up to the middle school prom with the “man” who I considered to be my future husband. I seethed with 8th grade jealousy! But I got over it and we became friends several years later … and it didn’t really work out for me and Mr. McCay like I thought it would! [I’m glad.]

She is a graduate of Winthrop University and currently lives in Rock Hill where she is a math teacher (’cause she’s nerdy that way).

This summer she’s spending several weeks in Uganda with the Invisible Children Teacher Exchange Program. All her plans and preparations are falling right into place and God has really been providing for her in so many ways (which she frequently recounts on her blog).

And when she returns from Africa, she’s turning right back around and heading to Guatemala on a mission trip with her church.

Danielle has been an inspiration to me. And this summer, God is using her to inspire others, to bring His Gospel and His love to people all over the world!

Do it, Danielle!

Oh, also … I found these and thought you would get a kick out of them, like I did!

And you’re not in a single wedding picture to be found on my hard drive! What a shame! And you looked so hot in that red dress! 🙂

One response to “10 Days and Counting …

  1. thanks so much for stickin me on your blog! i love the pics from the past (: i dont have any wedding pictures on my computer either. but i do have a really great shot of you and kyle driving off! and that was still the best wedding cake i have ever had!

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