Workin’ for the Weekend

My life is a drag from Monday morning to Friday afternoon, if I’m being honest.

The highlights of this week:

  • American Idol (how lame that this tops the list)
  • Friends came over for dinner / Wii / couch-naps last night
  • Having a somewhat clean house
  • Buying a calendar so that the hubby and I can finally get our schedule organized … hopefully
  • Quality time with the pups

And that’s pretty much it. BUT this weekend there are much more exciting things on the horizon:

  • John Vanderslice at the Map Room
  • A potential visit from Friend Emily
  • Quality time with the hubby – which includes another Saturday of sleeping in for both of us!
  • Getting some yardwork done on Saturday
  • Journey Church stuff on Sunday night
  • Kyle and Jeremy are both playing at Pointe North on Sunday morning

And on Monday, the last “fun” item of the week until the following weekend: A “Whoo hoo! Amy’s done with school!” Celebration Dinner with Craig and Amy. In my clean house. 🙂

And that is that.


2 responses to “Workin’ for the Weekend

  1. I guess a boring week makes for an exciting weekend? My weekend is not going to be fun, because Trevor is going to Chicago for work. He’ll be gone until Wednesday. So sad for me. At least I have Vonnegut to keep me company, now. Still, I’ll probably be sad to be alone. My friend Mary and I are donating our hair to cancer tomorrow, so we’ll take lots of pictures and I’ll try to post them next week. You’ll have to check it out.

  2. Unexpected couch naps, at that, which are, after all, the best kind.

    Thanks. 😀

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