Let’s all hold hands and sing "Kum Ba Ya"

Like a glove that fits. Like the right glasses that clear your vision right up. I think the Polk family may have found a church!

I’m not going to go into specifics like I attempted to do. I’ll just say these few things:

  • We really enjoyed an evening spent with a couple of church planters who will be planting Journey Church in Summerville.
  • It is so nice that we both felt a connection with the people and their vision. Oftentimes in the search, we’ve found an element that Kyle appreciates — a good band, a non-hokey pastor — or an element that I appreciate — teaching that makes a difference. But we haven’t made a connection with anyone yet. And I have heard myself saying, “I could be happy anywhere,” and all the while feeling jealous of the love that our friends Alex and Jana seem to have for their church – where they literally cannot wait to go on Sundays. They drive a considerable distance every week. They’re willing to work and do the “not fun stuff” to promote the Work of that church because they believe in it. Kyle and I are totally willing to do that – but we hadn’t found people who shared our vision. Ohhhh! Just sitting and talking with the people … it renewed my faith in church. I don’t want to settle for “being happy anywhere”. I want a place that doesn’t have to compartmentalize into “Church Life” or “What I Do On Sundays” or “Just Because It’s What I Do …”. I’m really excited about it. And rejuvenated. What a difference a day makes!

And that’s all I can say about that.


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