The Afternoon That Turned Moncks Corner Into a Crime Scene

Yesterday was a very quiet day. After a picnic lunch with my family in my parents’ backyard, I went home and took a nap. Kyle was at band practice all day, so I had the afternoon to myself. My nap was short. Then I got up and sat in the backyard with the dogs. They ran around and chased each other like crazy while I lazed in the sun with a book. That’s one of my favorite things to do: nothing … with a book! 🙂 (David Sedaris’s Me Talk Pretty One Day was the book of choice yesterday. I just finished Dress Your Family … a few weeks ago. It’s better.)

Anyway. A good while later, I pulled myself off the lounge chair and got ready to go. Kyle and I were meeting friends for dinner at their house. So I crated the dogs, freshened up, put on some shoes, and headed out.

About a mile up the street, I rounded a curve to find that there were cop cars, and people, and caution tape, and all brands of emergency vehicles. Because of the number of people, my first thought was that there was a parade. There were people packed onto the sidewalks, police cars with their lights flashing, and cars parked on every available curb. The caution tape tipped me off that something was a little off. So I took a side road a maneuvered my way around traffic, onlookers, and reporters with cameras, and found that traffic in every direction was stalled. A barricade of cop cars served as the end-markers of the area cordoned off by caution tape.

I called my mom to ask her if she’d heard anything about what was going on. This is so highly unusual for this town! When I called her, one of the ladies in her small group answered the phone and told me that someone had been killed and another man was critically injured. And there had been a high speed chase and lots of gunfire.

All this in an area that thinks of deer and ducks when it hears the words “high speed chase”.

Anyway. Here’s the full story. (And the updated version.)


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