Weekending …

it’s one of my favorite ways to pass the time. When it rolls around at the end of every work week, I’m incredibly thankful for it. And while I do enjoy “doing stuff”, at the end of last week — being out of town for most of the week — it was nice to crash at home.

Kyle had to work on Saturday and I slept in until – get this – almost 1 PM. Ridiculous, huh? Seriously, I don’t think I have slept that late since college! But I felt very refreshed on Saturday. I got up and tackled some of the ever-lingering laundry.

That night we had Poker Night at some friends’ house. This has become known, among the Polks, as The Night My Father Disowned Me. He hadn’t seen the tattoo yet, and though my mother had “warned” him, nothing was quite as upsetting to him as actually seeing it. Terry – host of the evening – innocently pointed and said, “Well what do you think?” And then my dad didn’t talk to me again for the rest of the night.

Fortunately, I invited myself over to my parents’ for dinner last night, and he talked to me again. Just not about the tattoo. When my mom asked about it and looked at it, he just sat quietly across the room, waiting on the next subject of conversation.

On Sunday morning, we made the The Trek to Mt. Pleasant for what Kyle has lovingly referred to as the “Balls Out” Seacoast Experience. This seems to be the Burger King of churches in that you really can Have It Your Way: Acoustic church in small chapel, Rockin’ church in “The Warehouse”, Regular Worship Service in Regular Worship Center, or any choice of satellite churches dispersed over the Southeast. The fact that we had to discuss this on the way down there — honestly stressed us out. By nature being the most indecisive person ever, my husband really hated having so many options. And having exhausted all of our decision-making efforts on “which church to attend at the Church Mall”, it seriously took us an hour to decide where to eat lunch. Which turned out to be good, because by that time, the wait at most restaurants was significantly decreased. (The Yin and the Yang, I suppose.)

We discussed all of our options over [late] lunch yesterday. I really feel like I’ve been an observer long enough. I would love to settle into a place and just connect. We talked about how much we like Cal Woods – pastor of Pointe North. His teaching style is refreshing and not at all hokey. It’s one of the characteristics of the church that we noticed and really appreciated right away.

Anything else I could discuss here would be a frustrating tangent (for me to type and for you to read). I feel like Kyle and I have learned so much about each other and about church during the past few weeks. It’s been rejuvenating for us. We definitely are learning the Whys of being involved and really getting plugged in. And I’ll be excited when we finally do find the place we’re supposed to be and can settle in and find our place. It will be a fun time.


One response to “Weekending …

  1. lol, the “church mall”. Glad you are both growing through this. Hope things get better with your dad (maybe you should let him win at poker?). 😉


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