My newest transition

So much has changed in my life since the last time I updated. Changes that have required a lot of my time and attention. And I want to update more consistently, but … who has time?! So I’m following in the tradition of my brilliant (and busy) friend Tasha and setting a timer, typing what I can and publishing when the timer goes off.

So here’s the update on my life in 12 minutes or less:
I’m no longer working full-time. For the past two years, I’ve been working for a friend at his growing heating and air company. I was doing all the bookkeeping, marketing, billing, and dispatching. It was busy! Last summer, in an effort to divide the responsibilities between me and another girl, I stepped down to three days per week, but keeping the phones for dispatching on the days I was working from home. I continued this until maternity leave in November. I knew before my leave that Chris would want me back to five days per week beginning in April.

Well it didn’t take me long to realize that three days per week in the office was really stressful for my home life. Chris allowed me to bring Naomi to work with me – which I did for the teeny-tiny weeks when she slept most of the time and that was REALLY nice, but I still couldn’t get it all done at home. And I knew five days per week at work was only going to make things at home more stressful. So Kyle and I decided me staying home was gonna be best for the family.

Chris asked if I would keep doing the bookkeeping, so I’m still in the office one day per week. And I’m cleaning a house or two and selling Dōterra essential oils to bring in a little extra money on the side — and to help me feel productive.

Ok. Time’s up.


Three Months

At three months, Miss Naomi:

sleeps a lot — and I am not complaining or worried about that fact. 😉


is increasingly engaged with her surroundings and is more easily pacified by people who aren’t Mommy. (Mommy is still the best, but other people are ok now too.)


loves riding and napping in mommy’s new Lily Carrier (ring sling)

mimics facial expressions and smiles the biggest toothless smiles you ever saw.

squeals like a baby raptor when she’s upset.

is a better baby than I could’ve dared to hope for and a great addition to my sweet family.

Things we worry about

When Ivalee was a baby, I was a typical first-time mom – worrying about every little thing and stressing every single decision as though the world would spin off its axis if I chose the wrong path. I’ve found that with Naomi, I’ve been able be a lot more low-key and stress less and thus enjoy her infancy more. She’s a good and easy baby too, so that helps.

She’s been a champion sleeper since the beginning. We’ve only had three sleepless nights with her in the nearly three months she’s been on the outside. (And two of those three nights were direct results of poor dietary choices I made during the preceding day.)

Last night marks one week of her sleeping through the night from 10:30/11ish to 11 on mornings I don’t have to work; 7 on mornings I do (when I wake her to feed before I drop her and Ivalee at my parents’).

She cluster-feeds like crazy in the evenings – squirreling away food for the Great Hibernation. I lay her down as soon as she appears to be nodding off. Then she wakes up 10, 11, 12 hours later. And after all that, I would expect her to wake up starving and angry. But that’s not been the case. She’s never fussy or anything. Always just laying there with her thumb in her mouth. It’s the craziest thing.

So naturally, my reaction is to assume something is wrong.


I have friends who are moms of new little ones who are having a hard time sleeping at night. So I feel guilty and silly complaining and worrying about how much Naomi is sleeping at night. Is there a point where it becomes a concern? I guess.

But she’s very healthy; she’s active and alert at certain points during the day; she’s got a healthy appetite; she’s doing new things all the time.

I’ve decided not to worry about it and enjoy the extra sleep I did not expect to be getting this early in the game. I just wanted to write this down so everyone can laugh with me about how I can take this huge parenting blessing and turn it into something to worry about.

Bless my heart.

Cloth Diapering: Homemade Cloth Wipes Solution

When Ivalee was a baby, we battled a lot of diaper rash issues that required me to use a gentle spray solution and and a warm cloth wipe (wet only with warm water) at diaper changes. Naomi doesn’t appear to have the same skin sensitivity. So I did a little research about a homemade wipe solution so I could save some money on wipes. I found a few recipes and tried a few with too much soap or too much other stuff I didn’t have on hand.

I sort of improvised one combining major elements from a few different recipes. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and I really like it! And it’s made of stuff I had at home anyway!


I use 1TBSP coconut oil, 1 TBSP baby wash, and 2 c. boiling water

Stir it all up. (This is a double recipe.)
I use a wipe warmer to keep the wipes handy on the changing table. I saturate the wipes and close it up – easy peasy. I use a salad dressing dispenser to keep another batch handy for middle of the week laundry day when I need more wipes.

So … on another note: Naomi put herself to sleep last night in the cosleeper. And she’s still asleep 11.5 hours later. What in the world with this baby’s ability to sleep and sleep and sleep?! I’m not complaining at all, but it’s just crazy. She’s a champ!!

Two Months


At two months, Naomi Kate:

is smiling at us frequently and responding to laughter with the widest grins.

receives a hundred kisses and hugs a day from her proud, loving big sister. “I wanna kiss her little feet!” she says every day.

is sleeping like a champ at night. 5-6 hour stretches are frequent. But even on the nights she is wake more often, she eats and goes right back to sleep. We’ve only had three sleepless nights with her so far, and two of them were because of things I had eaten that upset her tummy.

weighs 13 lbs. 5 oz. and is 23″ long – up from 8 lbs. 3 oz. at birth.

is the best Polk baby ever born in 2013.

Getting my snuggle on

Despite my strongest urgings, Little Naomi is not honoring my desire for her to stay teeny tiny. So I’m doing the best I can in the situation … and soaking up as many deliciously-scented newborn baby snuggles as I possibly can.










And she doesn’t seem to mind.

Transitioning and Settling In

I’ve often heard that the transition from one child to two children is the most difficult transition. I’m coming to agree with this statement.



1. Ivalee is four and she is definitely old enough to be a great helper. She loves to hold Naomi; and she really loves when Naomi is awake – which is not really all that often yet.

2. As with my pregnancy with Naomi, I am trying to slow down and enjoy more of these fleeting moments. I’ve learned from experience that these early weeks pass way too quickly.

3. Twice the kids; twice the love.



1. I don’t have all the attention to pour onto Ivalee that she has been used to having all for herself. So whenever I’m busy with the baby (endless feedings!), Iva is willing to accept negative attention (misbehavior and the resulting discipline) over having no attention. We’ve mostly maneuvered our way through the worst parts of this one, but we still have some tense moments. (Ivalee is a Quality Time and Physical Touch kid. Gotta be intentional about creating time to meet both of these need for her.)

2. … I don’t have another one yet. The attention / time issues is the main one so far.



1. Our church and family and friends are taking good care of us by providing meals for us for about two weeks. Kyle’s mom has come over and spent lots of time loving Ivalee and doing laundry and dishes. (My mom would be doing the same except that someone in her house has been sick for almost two weeks straight.)

2. Relax on needing everything at the house to be done perfectly. If you ever look at my house, you’re probably laughing that I’m having to talk myself into relaxing my standards. They’ve always been pretty lax. Should go without saying but … there are things that are going to go undone or be done less-than-perfectly. I’m trying to choose the major things. If it’s going to be gross (food trash, dirty dishes, gross laundry, or un-wiped counters [we’ve been battling fruit flies around here!]) it’s a priority. If it doesn’t have to be done perfectly, I do what I can to keep it from being gross and focus on getting rest and snuggling a baby and a big kid. Kyle and Iva are helpful with helping to hit the reset button on common areas each night. (The bonus of having a small house is that this is a pretty quick process.)

3. Accepting that – for this time – there is going to be more tv time for Ivalee than normal. And forcing myself not to feel guilty about it. It’s temporary. We’ll find our new routine soon.